Thank you to all the artists and contributors to this wonderful event:

Fred Jarrold
Marzena Grabczynska
Julie Rice
Leelee Schaeche-Odine
Annika Hasson
Paul Guilbrault
Linda Guilbrault
Angie and Dennis Hasson
Rachel Leigh Hasson
Fancy Mae to Gypsy Rae
Ayesha Drouillard
Todd Stahl
Chad Riley
Danielle Shaw
Max Wedge
Kimberly Palazzi
Sew My Gosh
Dee Dee Grimes

To all the cf warriors and cf angels. May this disease one day just be words in an encyclopedia. A disease of the past that has no meaning to those in the future. My your legacies represent your fight, and honour your memory.
God Bless those who have walked by your side during this battle. Parents, spouses,children, siblings,grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles, friends, doctors, nurses, dieticians, therapists,employers, and anyone who has taken  a moment of their lives to try and understand the journey you take.